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Smiley's Ice Cream

Bringing happiness to you one scoop at a time!

Weekly Flavors

Week of November 7th - 12th 

**Black Cherry Chocolate Chunk

**Coconut Pie



*Black Raspberry

*Mint Chip

*Pumpkin Pie

*Butter Pecan

*Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk

*Coconut Almond Chocolate Chunk

*Cookies & Cream

*Java Chocolate Chunk

Red Raspberry Sorbet

Strawberry Sorbet

Chocolate Sorbet

Mango Sorbet


We're getting flavors together for the upcoming holidays.  If you have suggestions for flavors you can make suggestions through our Facebook page or email us.  More to come soon!


What's Happening with Us?

Our storefront is officially open and located at Mt. Crawford Creamery.  We're excited about this symbiotic relationship as we are making and selling ice cream (which the creamery does not offer) while using the creameries excellent milk and ice cream mix that our customers have come to love.  Eventually, we will also be offering the creameries products for sale in our shop so customers can buy them during extended hours when the creamery is closed.   
In regards to our mobile ice cream trailer it's still going to be an important aspect of our business.  We've already started adding weddings, business, and public events to our 2018 traveling schedule.  Our businesses, venues, and communities up and down the Shenandoah valley that have relied on our ice cream in the past will still be able to have us bring them our quality ice cream.  

We'd like to thank everyone who's helped make our business successful since 2001.  

For more information about our services, or to inquire about upcoming events, please feel free to contact us.  Below are a few other sites that we're associated with.  

Our facebook page has great reviews and testimonials from prior customers as well as events that we are supplying ice cream for.


We are now listed on as a local ice cream vendor for Virginia and nearby weddings!

                                  Our History

Smiley's Ice Cream began in 2001 to bring the freshest ice cream you can eat, made at your location, to your next event.   We started out at our local Farmer's Market, but due to requests from customers and businesses to bring ice cream to their events, we became too busy to continue the market on a regular basis.  We currently travel throughout Virginia and surrounding areas to bring our freshly made ice cream to weddings, businesses, street festivals, and private events.  In June of 2017 we opened our first ice cream shop on the grounds of Mt. Crawford Creamery.  

                       Our Traditional Process

Traditional ice cream, or "porch ice cream" as we like to refer to it, is at the heart of what we do. It's the ice cream many people grew up making on their porches at home with lots of ice and salt and their own homemade recipes.  Ice cream that focuses on quality ingredients and flavor, and is not as concerned with how much overrun (air) is in the ice cream.  After all, air has no flavor the last time I checked.  

We began with the simple idea that we would make our ice cream the same way I grew up making it as a kid on my parent's back porch.  So we did, putting flavor and quality ingredients at the forefront, and it became a popular hit that developed into a mobile business.  We could make the flavors of ice cream that customers wanted, the old fashioned way, with original wooden bucket ice cream freezers and only the freshest ingredients right at their event in a 12' enclosed trailer that's regulated and inspected by the health department.  

In the winter of 2015, we added a new 20' trailer to our business that allows us to make our great recipes in commercial modern batch freezers.  This allows us to use the same great recipes that our customers have come to love, make any quantity of ice cream that our customers want, make bulk quantities of ice cream at an affordable cost, and allows us to operate our business in a more environmentally friendly way as the new batch freezers don't create the salt water waste that is created in making the ice cream the traditional way.

Our newest trailer allows us to bring the services of an ice cream shop right to the customers location.  It was designed with the customer in mind, as we have learned a lot since 2001 about what customers want.  We can serve from the trailer, or lay down the back of the trailer to bring the equipment into the event that we're serving at.  We can serve 800 people down to 50 people from the same trailer.  

In the summer of 2017 we opened our first brick and mortar ice cream shop.  This shop will provides us with a retail and wholesale store, a stable environment to produce our great ice cream, indoor and outdoor seating for customers, and adequate freezer and refrigerator storage for our products and supplies.  Our shop space is still a "work in progress" as we continue to add products and services that our customers are requesting.

Our business will now offer both the reliability of a storefront and the services that only a mobile ice cream trailer can offer.  It's this flexibility, and love of making great quality ice cream, that backs our motto of "Bringing happiness to you one scoop at a time!"


Derek Smiley
Owner, Smiley's Ice Cream   
This ice cream is the best!!! Every flavor has its own delicious twist. A must try for everyone!!

Jesse Michael, Facebook Review

Great ice cream and friendly service!! Best ice cream I have had in many many years.

Sam Snead ~ Facebook Review

I had their pumpkin pie ice cream at the Three Brothers Brewery and it was fantastic! Hands down the best pumpkin pie ice cream I've ever had.

Megan Austin ~ Facebook Review

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